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the weekend at the cinema in Avigliana

The Avigliana weekend… also at the cinema! Here’s what you’ll find on March 16 and 17, 2024:

Special preview of Kung Fu Panda 4: Po is engaged in a new adventure in ancient China, he is entrusted by Shifu with a very important task: to become a spiritual guide in the Valley of Peace. Furthermore, he must find and train his heir, that is, a student who will take his place and his title as a warrior, so that he can fully dedicate himself to spirituality. As if that wasn’t enough, an evil shape-shifting sorceress is causing panic among kung fu masters…

Sunday 17 March at 4.15pm


Dune, part 2: after a series of trials, Paul Atreides has now become part of the desert people of the Fremen, supported by the enthusiastic leader Stilgar. He has also become deeply attached to Chani, who however cannot fully read a tormented heart. What is Paul’s priority? He would like to take revenge on the Harkonnens who killed his father and took control of the planet Arrakis, with the complicity of the Emperor, determined to get rid of his house. However, he knows that this would transform him into a ruthless leader, so he resists his mother’s insistence: Lady Jessica, now Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit order, wants him to accept his destiny as “messiah”, Muad’dib, the figure who he will lead the Fremen to liberate Arrakis. It is a road from which there is no turning back, and for their part the Harkonnen are about to field a new adversary, the ruthless and bloodthirsty Feyd-Rautha, nephew of the Baron…

Saturday 16 March at 6pm

Sunday 17 March at 8.30pm


Another mid-August holiday: the film takes us back to the island of Ventotene. In the summer of 1996, Cecilia Sarcoli became pregnant by Sandro Molino and they had a son, Altiero Molino who is now twenty-six years old. The young Altiero is a digital entrepreneur and married to a photo model. This mid-August they will spend on the beloved island of their father who is very ill. They are joined by lifelong friends. No one expects to find the island celebrating the upcoming wedding of Sabry Mazzalupi with her fiancé Cesare, a web celebrity and her wedding is an event that attracts the media and social climbers. Two opposing sides are recreated, two sides of an Italy on holiday that once again finds itself having to spend another August holiday together…

Saturday 16 March at 9.15pm

Sunday 17 March at 6.15pm

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16 Mar 2024


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