The Dynamite Nobel factory

The monumental remains of the most important explosives factory in the world in the ’40s are east of the Mareschi marsh. The main reason of such a dislocation was certainly the presence of hills which could protect the built-up area against the effects of the explosions that could be caused by this dangerous activity. The complex, which is one of the most interesting examples of industrial architecture of the beginning of last century, was one of the first factories in Avigliana.

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At that time it was called “Joint-stock Company for the manufacturing of dynamite, patent Nobel”. The building of the factory was started by a group of five Parisian bankers and by the Alfred Nobel Company by Hamburg and was ended in 1873. Furthermore, in 1908, the Nobel Company bought from Cravotto family other pieces of land in region Allemandi to establish other factories for the production of new kinds of explosives. In 1925, from the small department of the “first-born” plant Valloya, by the patent of the American Dupont, the paint factory Duco got underway. Later this factory was absorbed by the Montecatini Society.
During the last world war the area was bombed and subject to Resistance fighting. The following crisis of the military commissions and the varied displacing needs caused the progressive decay of the industrial complex which stopped its production in the 1960s. Recently several new activities, grouped together into a Development Integrated Centre, have built themselves up, giving rise to a modern and dynamic industrial area.


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