The old town

Beato Umberto III of Savoy House

The building owes its name to a local 19th century tradition, but there is a discrepancy between its construction dated in the 14th century and the 12th century period in which Umberto III lived. It’s other name is probably more realistic, Casa del Sale, (Salt House), due to its more recent use.

Largo Beato Umberto
10051 Avigliana TO

n reality, it was the first Avigliana’s Hospital, built from a legacy of a will from a money lender of Alba, Giacomo Falletti in 1374, at a period when the various functions of a hospital began to concentrate in a single structure established in the inhabited part of the town.
For a long time under the strict control of the religious orders of Turin, was taken over by the local administration on the second half of the 17th century. It is in that period that the porticato, with his gothic vaults and ogival arches had a chapel, the Addolorata, added to it. It is possible to see on the altar a group of figures in plaster, almost certainly made by one of the master plasterers working in the ecclesiastic building yards of Avigliana that opened at the beginning of the 70s in that century.


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