Il Vomere

Created thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Avigliana and the “La Famija ed Drubiaij” OdV association in 2021, it is located in a room of the former school of the Grangia township of Avigliana. It houses a series of objects, tools and testimonies of the local tradition, mainly with a peasant vocation, collected in large part some years ago by the local Defendente Ferrari middle school. 

Via dei Suppo, 1
10051 Drubiaglio-Grangia (TO)


To this initial heritage, several other objects and documents relating to the specific territory of the “Oltre Dora Aviglianese” have recently been added, given to the museum for use by the residents of the area.
The goal of the museum and its curators, in addition to maintaining the memory of this rural reality (alive and widespread in these places until the entire first part of the 20th century) is to try to re-emerge the local history of the Oltre Dora Aviglianese (the territory that includes the township Grangia, Malano and Drubiaglio) acting figuratively just like a plow that turns the history of the place and makes its roots re-emerge on the surface, also drawing on private documents and public archives of the time.

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