The old town

Porta Ferrata House

Of the original building, only the front side remains, and subject to careful restoration as it can be seen from the 19th century photographs depicting the original conditions. Although incomplete, it gives a clear example of medieval styles in Avigliana.

Via Porta Ferrata, 25
10051 Avigliana (TO)

The many different forms of decoration gives it added value. The portico offers arches outlined by brick-fired cornice and supported by round brick pillars, crowned by capitals carved with fantastic figures. The string-course is made up by criss-cross arches supported by corbels depicting men’s heads, animals and grotesque figures.
The elegant trefoil mullioned windows, a rare architectonical decoration of Avigliana, are sustained by a slender stone column with carved capitals and enclosed in  brick-fired frames with chiaroscuro effects. This created such beauty that induced Alfredo D’Andrade to reproduce it in Borgo Medioevale of Turin for the 1884 exhibition, among other buildings that were regarded as the most significant examples of 15th century Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta architectural expression


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