The old town

Stronghold of Beato Umberto III of Savoy

This imposing late Middle Ages building, built with a central body and flanked by two wings going round a central courtyard, appears to be made up of a main residence of considerable size, made attractive by a splendid open gallery on the upper floor and with various outbuildings around its main body.

Via Ailliaud Augusto, 38
10051 Avigliana TO

Beside its dimensions and the presence of battlements, today all walled up, it is his particular position, relatively isolated and dominating the road entrance among which the oldest part of Borgo Vecchio was developed that gives an overall feeling of a fortress.
The double function of the residence was obviously meant to be for a rich influential family and totally loyal to the House of Savoy. For this reason was easily identified by the local 19th century tradition as the residence of the House of Savoy and birthplace of Beato Umberto III.
The protected entrance from Via XX Settembre, entrance allowed exclusively via a small bridge over Via Alliaud and with a solid 17th century door made of ashlar, underlines the desire for isolation of the building, even after its first original defence functions were over.


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