Le cinta murarie di Avigliana


Towers and walls

In the historical centre, remains of towers, walls and gates can be seen. Only apparently disorganised, in reality they belong to a complex defence system, built at different periods as it can be noted by the different structures of walls and enclosures. In these days, they appear to us as signs of a defence system that has kept growing from the 11th-12th century up to the 15th century.

Via Norberto Rosa, 8
10051 Avigliana TO


At the beginning, the fortified system of the Borgo was limited to the fort and the plateau around Conte Rosso Square (corresponding to castrum romanico). In the following centuries, mainly due to the strong influence of Savoy Castle, people began to build more and more around the fortified cliff instead of scattering around the territory. New suburb hamlets were born, gradually enclosed and protected by successive concentric layers of fortified walls.
Of the remains, decorative elements can still be seen, such as the door of Via XX Settembre, the tower along Via Porta Ferrata with its suspended arch mouldings in relief, its modillions and bands with bricks placed in a saw-edge design and mouldings with various design, and the guard tower, now annexed to a private property.
On the opposite side of the road, during recent excavations eight metres of wall decoration have come to light.


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