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Roman villas of Almese and Caselette

At the footstep of the Musinè mountain there are preserved two of the most important extra urbane residential complexes of the Roman period of the Piedmont Region, whose construction is dated back of the First century AD. The archaeological excavation made discover two different buildings which had in common the same phenomenon of occupation at the border of the occidental territory of Augusta Taurinorum, near by the road going to the main mountain passes through the Gaul

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The Roman Villa of Almese

The Roman Villa of Almese is dated back of the First century AD and situated near by the road to the Gaul. This is the biggest building extra urbane of the Roman period in the Northern Italy. It was a luxe residence, for an owner with lots of economical possibilities, lots of lands in the region and probably the person charged by the state to collect the transit duty tax through the Gaul .The villa has been discovered in 1979 and in 1980 it has been declared National property. It is open to the public from 2010.

The Roman Villa of Caselette

The Roman Villa of Caselette has been brought to light just in part. This is a complex with residential function built during the very beginning of the Imperial period (First century AD.). The northern part is the one that is better conserved, probably where the residential and representative rooms were placed. In some of the rooms there were discovered some trace of floor heating system with small tanks perhaps for thermal uses.


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