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Avigliana and the “Borghi project”

Avigliana will be present, on 6 and 7 October, at Borghi project, the digital forum of Host B2B dedicated to the regeneration of Italian countries. An advanced training event, which aims to transform small towns into organized tourist products, capable of successfully establishing themselves on the market.

The objective of the regeneration and transformation path of the Borghi Project is to bring together all the tangible and intangible resources, organize an effective reception – no longer individual, but collective – and develop the services necessary for a good tourist use of small towns. and the surrounding area.

At the base of this local development is the community of residents. The latter play a strategic role for the future of the village, acting as attractors and activators: not only service providers, but generators of relationships and contents based on ethics, aesthetics and well-being. And the Borghi Project aims to provide the skills necessary to transform this opportunity into a concrete possibility, measurable in economic terms.

On 7 October at 5 pm the enhancement path of the villages of Avigliana and Susa, orange flags of the Italian Touring Club, will be told in tourist products organized with the overall vision and coherent intervention line of the Destination marketing organization Val di Susa Turismo of the Susa Valley Mountain Union.
During the forum, speakers will talk about the Valsusa experience: Andrea Archinà, vice president of the Mountain Union, Giorgio Montabone, Councilor for Tourism of the Mountain Union, and Eleonora Girodo and Silvia Badriotto for the Dmo Valsusa Turismo.

To participate you must register at this link.


07 Oct 2021






Comune di Avigliana
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