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Theater for families with Borgate dal vivo-Gretel

A square, many small objects: a tray, a teapot, an English lawn, a bedside table. And then Fritz and Oscar, silent roommates in a tiny house. Gretel moves in her microcosm of little things, careless and rigorous, chaotic and very careful to keep alive the bizarre order of her objects

out of scale and out of place. Then, suddenly, the catastrophe. What does home mean? With the immediacy of narration of the fairy tale, Gretel travels alone the paths of existence, between contemporary circus, dance and manipulation of objects. A hymn to migration, an ode to the tenacity of knowing how to reinvent yourself, despite everything. A delicate and profound reflection on who goes and who stays, on always resisting. Even when everything collapses.

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19 Mar 2023


16:00 - 18:00




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