Visitors to Lago Grande are advised: fishermen, swimmers, divers, canoeists and drivers of any boat: that from Monday 4 December 2023 and for approximately 20 days, fish monitoring activities will be carried out, as part of the LIFE predator project to combat Catfish fish. The activities will not be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The days on which the activities are underway are communicated on the institution’s website

Electro fishing: electro fishing activity from boats will be conducted for three days. Electrofishing consists of releasing an electric discharge into the water and the fish found within a radius of about ten meters around the point where the discharge was released are temporarily stunned and come to the surface. The effect lasts a few minutes, during which the fish are identified by species and age class. Catfish and non-native species are removed. For safety reasons there must be no people in the water near the electrofishing site and all users of the lake are required to respect the distance of at least 50 meters from the vessel conducting the activity, identifiable with the LIFE flag.

Nets: from December 4th fishing nets will be placed in various points of the lake, some near the shore and others in the center of the lake. The nets are used to catch fish that are in depth. These fish are also classified by species and age classes. Catfish and non-native species are removed. The nets are not visible above the surface of the water but can be identified with buoys that signal their presence. To avoid damaging the nets, users of the lake are invited not to approach the area where the nets are placed, whether by swimming or diving, or with boats or similar.

THANK YOU for your kind collaboration

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04 Dec 2023


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