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Men and gods, the wonders of the Egyptian museum – an appointment with art at the cinema

The second appointment with art at the cinema: MEN AND GODS. THE WONDERS OF THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM, produced in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum, in the year of the bicentenary of its foundation. The film features the extraordinary participation of Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, who guides viewers on a journey to discover the treasures of one of the most fascinating civilizations in ancient history. With over one million visitors in 2023, the Egyptian Museum is the fifth most visited museum in Italy and is the oldest in the world dedicated to the civilization of the ancient Egyptians. 40 thousand artefacts are kept in Turin, of which 12 thousand are displayed on 4 floors of the Museum. Sphinxes, colossal statues, tiny amulets, sarcophagi, tell almost 4000 years of ancient history. Among the famous finds in the world there are the Papyrus of the Kings, known abroad as the Turin King List, the only list that has come down to us that reconstructs the succession of pharaohs, handwritten on papyrus, or the Papyrus of Mines, one of the oldest known geographical maps. And also sculptures such as the statue of the priest Anen, that of Ramesses II, that of the so-called Coptic Isis, in addition to the rich funerary objects of Kha, superintendent of the construction of the tombs of the pharaohs who together with his wife Merit will be among the protagonists of the whole story .

Ticket office on site (full 10 euros, reduced 8)

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12 Mar 2024




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