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Codice Carla – art in the cinema

Codice Carla is a documentary on dance icon Carla Fracci, which features rare interviews and archive images, trying to retrace her career and understand how she became the étoile that the world still celebrates today. In the documentary we find several exceptional testimonies, including that of Roberto Bolle, Jeremy Irons, Marina Abramović and many others.
The film shows us how Carla Fracci, who passed away in May 2021, was much more than an excellent and famous dancer in her life. Carla was a teacher, an actress, an interpreter, but also a very modest, humble and hard-working woman. But how did she become an icon? What was the artistic code of a performer who had to deal with her body, music and movements every day? The film tries to find an answer to these questions, while trying to inspire young people through the analysis of Fracci’s life and experiences.

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21 May 2024


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