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Christmas at the cinema

Two new appointments to spend the holidays… even at the cinema!

Puss in Boots 2 – the last wish: the film tells how the brave puss finds himself involved in a new adventure that will take him on an epic journey in search of the legendary Star of Wishes in the Black Forest to regain the lost lives. Having only one life at his disposal, the Puss will be forced to ask for help from his former partner and nemesis: the charming “Velvet Paws” Kitty. In their enterprise, the Cat and Kitty will be helped – against all common sense – by a battered, talkative and joyful stray named Perro. Together, our trio of heroes must stay one step ahead of Goldilocks and the Three Bears Crime Family of “Big” Jack Horner and the terrifying bounty hunter, the Big Bad Wolf.

Saturday 24 December: 6.30 pm

Sunday 25 December: 7.00 pm

Monday 26 December: 5.00 pm

Tuesday 27 December: 8.30 pm

The big day: the film tells the story of a long friendship, which is challenged during a wedding. In a large villa, preparations are underway for the wedding of Elio and Caterina, ready to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives and also that of their parents, especially their fathers Giovanni and Giacomo. The two are childhood friends, they attended the same schools and shared everything from the Sagrate Arredi family business to the holidays. Now the marriage between their respective children further confirms this long-standing, indissoluble and fraternal friendship. At the party, however, Aldo, the woman’s new partner, also shows up in the company of Margherita, Giovanni’s ex-wife. A sympathetic and expansive man, but above all messy, who ends up hitting the celebration like a real tornado with various gaffes and very expensive accidents. Although Giovanni and Giacomo try in every way to contain the chaos created by Aldo, the latter ends up being just a miserable drop that overflows an already full vase. This is how a hitherto hidden malaise comes to the surface, which threatens to screw up not only the historical friendship between Giacomo and Giovanni, but the marriage itself. Aldo’s impetuous arrival will lead everyone to come to terms with their doubts and above all with the courage that it takes to achieve the happiness you desire.

Saturday 24 December: 9.15pm

Sunday 25 December: 5.00 pm and 9.15 pm

Monday 26 December: 7.00 pm and 9.15 pm

Tuesday 27 December: 6.15pm

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24 Dec 2022


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