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voci in viaggio

The VOCI IN VIAGGIO exhibition promoted by Viaggi Solidali, Walden, Casa Conte Rosso and Ciclocucina, in collaboration with the bookshop La Casa dei Libri, and sponsored by the City of Avigliana, is underway.

The exhibition aims to address issues related to the philosophy of responsible tourism through the story of travels, experiences, meetings… but also books, readings, thoughts, thanks to the direct voice of companions and authors.

This first evening of presentation of Adriano Argenio’s book “At the mercy of the grain and the wind” (Edizioni Orme) is part of the “Readings and thoughts, the word to the authors” theme, a notebook that collects emotions, reflections, images … Twenty years of the author’s life, at the mercy of the wheat and the wind.

A sort of journey from the devastated homeland which is not just a landscape, but affects personal and professional events, up to the savannah and the mountains, passing through graduation, escape, return, the forest and the circus, disillusionment and… The art of knowing how to smell the wind that saves lives!

Saturday 23 March 2024 – 6pm in the Municipal Council Hall of Avigliana, Piazza Conte Rosso 7


23 Mar 2024


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