Avigliana… insieme 2024 – initiatives of the cultural center Vita e pace

The concert season of “Avigliana … Insieme 2024” by the Vita e Pace cultural center starts again with a rich spring program
(21 April – 30 June 2024) entitled “ART WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU”

Once the winter break is over, the activities of the Vita e Pace Cultural Center resume in a big way! The cultural proposals will find the Church of Santa Maria even more beautiful, with the Chapel of the Relics restored to its ancient splendor, thanks to the contributions of the CRTo Foundation and the Magnetto Foundation, and with the presbytery being restored and renovated. The musicians will perform by proposing the fruit of their work united under the general title “ART WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU” which the Uni.Vo.C.A. Association, supported by the Piedmont Region and by numerous other cultural associations, including Vita e Pace for its contribution on the subject of musical activity, has developed a series of initiatives and meetings.

Full schedule of spring events:

  • Sunday 21 April – 4.30pm
    BETWEEN DREAMS AND SERENADES: Dominika Zamara, soprano – Andrea Musso, piano. A vocal and instrumental itinerary through melodrama and chamber music. Concert for the inauguration of the relic chapel and the first part of the cultural season
  • Sunday 12 May – 4.30 pm TRIBUTE TO PHILIP GLASS: Pierpaolo Strona, piano. An in-depth overview of the piano work of the American musician considered the leader of musical Minimalism.
  • Sunday 19 May – 4.30 pm SPRING FANTASIES: Eleonora Savini, violin – Stefania Salvai, piano. The violin and the piano in a fresh homage to the rose season
  • Sunday 26 May – 4.30 pm THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF WIND FORCES: “Turin clarinet ensemble”, coordinated by maestro Nino Carriglio. It will be listening to beautiful music performed by a group of young musicians that will introduce the public in an active and engaging way into that fascinating world.
  • Tuesday 28 May – 10.00 am RIDERELLA (Concert for schools), Samuele Tozzi and Sijie Huo, piano – Emili Sabatini, narrator. Musical fairy tale for narrator and piano four hands
  • Sunday 2 June – 4.30 pm PIERINO AND THE WOLF AND OTHER STORIES: choir “Le Bianche Voci” – Andrea Troni, piano – Mattia Pauluzzo, bass-baritone and director. A group of children’s voices led by their teacher will guide the audience through Sergei Prokofiev’s fairy tale and others.
  • Saturday 8 June – 4.30 pm THE POETICS OF THE SIX STRINGS: Serena Caneva and Carmine La Vecchia, guitar. Between duets, serenades and nocturnes, a concert entirely dedicated to the classical guitar repertoire and to the founding masters of the great nineteenth-century guitar school
  • Saturday 15 June – 4.30 pm PAVANE FOR A DEAD INFANT: Piano coordination by maestro Giuseppe Ferrotta. A group of young musicians, reflecting on historical eras, questions the meaning of being in the world in a given period.
  • Saturday 22 June – 4.30 pm BETWEEN RIGOR AND IMAGINATION: Michele Argentieri, piano. A path that leads from Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier” to Stravinsky’s “Firebird”
  • Sunday 23 June – 4.30pm INTER VOCIS. Choral review curated by A.C.P. Piedmont Choirs Association on the occasion of the Music Festival promoted by the Ministry of Culture
  • Sunday 30 June – 4.30pm INTER VOCIS. Choral review curated by A.C.P. Piedmont Choirs Association

The concerts will be held at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, old village of Avigliana, free entry
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