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Tutankhamun – the last exhibition

Nowadays Tutankhamun is a name that has entered the world collective imagination: for everyone it contains the most imposing and mysterious thing that Ancient Egypt can evoke, its pyramids, the legend of the pharaoh’s curse. Few, however, associate his celebrity with a convergence of unique facts and above all with the obstinacy of that English archaeologist who discovered his tomb precisely in the years when the mass media were beginning to completely revolutionize our lives. To celebrate the centenary of that revolutionary discovery that will fall in 2022, the docu-film TUTANKHAMUN-THE LAST EXHIBITION, directed by Ernesto Pagano, arrives at the cinema. For the first time cinema viewers will thus have an extraordinary opportunity: to meet the pharaoh, reliving those unique moments on the big screen and following the movement of 150 objects of Tutankhamun’s treasure exclusively for the largest international exhibition ever dedicated to the Golden Boy. the photographer Sandro Vannini followed in a world exclusive: the last exhibition ever dedicated to the treasure because, at the behest of the Egyptian government, this immense heritage will now become immovable and can only be visited at its headquarters in Cairo. Guiding the viewer through the discovery, the voice of Manuel Agnelli, who has been passionate about Ancient Egypt since he was very young and was struck by the visit to the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1996. The docu-film offers exclusive access to some of the places that still represent the beating heart of the legend of Tutankhamun.


10 May 2022


18:30 - 21:15


Multipurpose center La Fabrica
Via IV Novembre 19, Avigliana




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