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special weekend at the cinema

Two new films at the Fassino cinema for the weekend: The last night of Amore and Ainbo – spirit of the Amazon

The last night of Amore: the film tells the story of a police lieutenant, Franco Amore, who finds himself investigating a murder just the night before his retirement. Franco lives in Milan, is in love with his wife Viviana and has served the state with pride and justice for 35 years. He never shot a man, always believed in honesty and pursued it with integrity. Up until that moment his thoughts had been on the next day, when he should have greeted everyone with a good farewell speech. But that night, the last service, will question everything. His friend Dino and his partner of several years is killed in a diamond robbery. This is how Amore’s last night will prove to be the longest of all…

Saturday 25 March: 6.30pm and 9.15pm

Sunday 26 March: 6.15pm and 8.30pm

Ainbo – spirit of the Amazon: it is the story of a girl named Ainbo, born and raised in Candámo, a deep and remote area of ​​the Amazon jungle. The young woman is 13 years old, but she has never had contact with other people, outside of those who live in her community, a civilization that is still unknown.
When the Candámo area is subjected to logging, Ainbo comes into contact with other human beings and discovers that the world is populated by other people than her own people. However, the girl soon realizes that with the arrival of these new people, her homeland is threatened by human greed. To try to save her, the young Ainbo begins to fight, but to no avail.
The men, led by Cornell DeWitt, clear trees, mine minerals and destroy the landscape. The dark Yucuruna, the evil that resides in the Amazon, is taking over and Ainbo is left with only one chance to save her home: she must turn to her mother spirit, Turtle Motelo Mama.

Sunday 26 March: 4.30 pm

At the multipurpose center La Fabrica, Via IV Novembre 19, Avigliana

Ticket service on site

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25 Mar 2023


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