The climate that changes Italy – Thematic Meeting

Meeting with Roberto Mezzalama – environmental engineer, member of the Consiglio di Ammin-istrazione of the Polytechnic of Turin -on the effects of global warming in Italy.
The climate is changing rapidly and its effects are now visible and affect the lives and daily activi-ties of many people. Through the book “The climate that changes Italy” Roberto Mezzalama tells these phenomena also thanks to the testimony of farmers, fishermen, mountain guides, ski instruc-tors, hoteliers, forest guards, in short, people who see a worrying acceleration of the phenomena that are changing the places they care for.
A modern Grand Tour, which while highlighting the great beauty of our country, also tells us how we are close to losing many of our peculiarities if we do not act quickly and with determination. The book then describes the economic, political and social scenarios that distinguish Italy in the face of the challenges of climate change.
Due to the importance of the meeting, the organisation requires punctuality, green pass and mask


24 Nov 2021


20:45 - 22:00


Auditorium Daniele Bertotto
Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto n. 3 - Avigliana
Association Culturale CircolarMente


Association Culturale CircolarMente
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