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special weekend at the cinema

A new weekend at the Fassino cinema with two special new releases:

Romantica: the film is the story of four young girls who live in and around Rome and who are very different from each other. Eugenia Praticò is an aspiring screenwriter, who left Palermo to pursue her dream, even if it is difficult to achieve. Uvetta Budini is an aristocrat who lives in the historic center and manages to enter the world of work. Michela Trezza is about to get married and loves the provincial life that leads to Guidonia. Tazia De Tiberis is from northern Rome, she has a bit of a bully character and likes to have everything under her control, even her boyfriend’s wishes. Each with its insecurities, fears and desires and all with the same aspiration: to seek a place in the world…

Saturday 11 March at 6.30pm and 9.15pm and Sunday 12 March at 6.30pm and 8.30pm

Argonuts, Olympus mission: it tells how the serene life of the population of Yolcos, a thriving town of Ancient Greece, finds itself threatened by the wrath of the god Poseidon. To save the city, the brave mouse Pixi together with her friend, the cat Sam, will embark on the ship Argo with the valiant hero Jason and his Argonauts. This adventure will lead Pixi and Sam to encounter dangerous mythological creatures and overcome various obstacles in search of a way to save Yolcos. Will they succeed in the enterprise?

Sunday 12 March at 4.30pm

At the multipurpose center La Fabrica, Via IV Novembre 19, Avigliana

on-site ticket

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11 Mar 2023


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