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Special appointment at the Fassino cinema with three new films just released in theaters:

Mummies – a walk through time: the film tells the adventures of some mummies who live in a secret underground city, also known as the City of the Living Dead. When the Pharaoh announces to his daughter Nefer that the time has come to get married, the girl does not seem enthusiastic about it. As if that weren’t enough, the mythical Arabian Phoenix will decide who her future husband will be and Nefer will have to accept whoever the chosen person is. This is how the flaming bird chooses the charioteer Thut as the future husband of the princess. The young man is then entrusted with the wedding ring pending the wedding. Thut hides the ring, but the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby, excavating, finds it and takes it with him to England. When the young charioteer realizes that the ring is gone, he finds himself forced to get on his trail…

Sunday 30 April at 4.00pm

Scordato: the film tells the story of Orlando, a mild-mannered man who works as a piano tuner. He has been complaining of severe back pain for some time and is forced to go to a physiotherapist, Olga. After careful examination, the woman identifies the problem of her ailments: it is an “emotional” contracture. To solve the problem, Orlando has to bring a photo of himself as a young man to Olga, as a starting point for therapy…

Saturday 29 April: 6.30pm

Sunday 30 April: 9.15pm

Monday 1 May: 6.30pm

Air – the story of the great leap: the film tells the incredible partnership between a young Michael Jordan and the nascent basketball division of Nike, capable of revolutionizing the world of sport, as well as contemporary culture, with the launch of the “Air” brand Jordan”. The exciting story tells the story of an unconventional team that makes a decisive bet and the uncompromising vision of a mother who knows the value of her son’s immense talent and the “phenomenon” of basketball, which later became the greatest Of all times.

Saturday 29 April: 9.15pm

Sunday 30 April: 6.30pm

Monday 1st May: 8.30pm

At the multipurpose center La Fabrica, Via IV Novembre 19, Avigliana

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29 Apr 2023


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