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special appointment at the cinema

Special appointment at the Fassino cinema with a film that has just been released: What’s love?

The film revolves around the theme of love and marriage and is set between London and South Asia. Two childhood friends, Zoe and Kazim, will be grappling with the demands of their respective families strongly linked to their cultural traditions, especially as regards love. Zoe will have to deal with the demands of her mother Cath and with online dating. Kazim, on the other hand, will have an arranged marriage. Zoe follows Kazim on his journey from London to Lahore, Pakistan to document his marriage to the unknown woman. The girl, observing what is happening to her friend, begins to wonder if this experience and this little-known culture can teach her something about the search for love. The two protagonists will have to decide whether to follow their families or their feelings, certain that there is a right path to take that can allow them to listen to their hearts.

Thursday 13 April: 6.30pm and 9.15pm

Monday 17 April: 4.00pm – 6.30pm and 9.15pm

At the multipurpose center La Fabrica, Via IV Novembre 19, Avigliana

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13 Apr 2023


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