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Special appointment at the cinema

Thursday 7 and Monday 11 September appointment with a new film: Cattiva coscienza

The film tells the story of Filippo, a generous man who is faithful to his fiancée and has a successful job as a lawyer. But is it really possible for a person to be so perfect? Yes, if your conscience is called Otto and is able to control your every movement, as well as your every choice. Otto, like all other consciousnesses, lives in a world parallel to ours, in the Other World. One day, however, Otto arrives late at his workplace in the Other World. This slight delay is enough to make Filippo ruin all his hard work in a matter of minutes, turning his life upside down. In fact, that day is the eve of his wedding and Filippo, feeling repressed, decides not to follow the advice of his conscience. The man has fallen in love with another woman, Valentina, and has completely lost his head for her. Otto finds himself in trouble, because he has to solve everything before the Higher Consciousness realizes it. To fix things as soon as possible and above all in the best possible way, the conscience decides to go to Earth to face Filippo face to face, hoping that the man will come to his senses. But up close the line between Good and Evil turns out to be much more difficult to see: being Human Beings is a really complicated job, especially if love gets in the way.


Thursday 7 September at 6.30 pm and 9.15 pm

Monday 11 September at 4.00 pm – 6.30 pm and 9.15 pm

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07 Sep 2023


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