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Picasso in Paris, the story of a life and a museum – appointment with art in the cinema

Made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, the docufilm is inspired by a famous phrase by the artist: “Painting is not an aesthetic operation: it is a form of magic intended to carry out a work of mediation between this foreign world and hostile and us”. Thus, the goal is to put this great magic at the center of the story and one of the places where it can be best appreciated, the Picasso Museum in Paris. The documentary follows two parallel narrative strands. The main one is that of the Museum. Within this plot develops the portrait of Picasso, his very long life, the contradictions of character, his wives and companions, all told in close connection with Paris, the city he loved most and where he spent most of his life. existence. We will also tell about still little-known aspects of the painter, which only today historians and art historians are beginning to investigate, such as his having been a “foreigner” in Paris, a rootless person, a ‘special police officer’ anarchist even when he had already become famous. There will be analyzes of the works, such as Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and it will be discovered that it is even possible to cast a ‘queer’ look on the artist’s work.

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28 Nov 2023




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