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once upon a time there was nobel

The appointment is for Friday 1 December: starting from 8.30 am at the Fassino cinema a non-stop screening of the film “Once upon a time there was Nobel” will begin in the presence of all the students of the Itcg Galilei. The actors and the mayor Andrea Archinà will be present. “Once upon a time Nobel” is a creative training project won by the Itcg Galileo Galilei of Avigliana thanks to the tender announced by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Merit which concerns the national image education plan for first and second level schools. The project which began last January allowed the students of the institute to live an immersive experience by creating a medium-length film which will be previewed on 1 December at the Cinema Fassino in Avigliana. The medium-length film tells the drama of the Dynamificio di Avigliana in the Valloja area, one of the largest factories in Europe created in 1873 by the Swede Alfred Nobel, founder of the important Prize, among other things. A factory that employed more than five thousand people (mostly women).

The film tells the story of a young professor who is sent from the South to Avigliana to start a new school career. Here as the last arrival he is sent during the summer to follow a group of particularly turbulent boys from the Institute who have the task of cleaning up the former Nobel eco-museum, the former dynamite factory. From this purely fictional ploy, a very entertaining film begins in which the young professor together with his students meet Alfred Nobel and Ascanio Sobrero in the depths of the Dynamite Factory. Ascanio Sobrero together with some chemists invented dynamite starting from the creation of nitroglycerin used in medicine. Nobel was able to create a small empire at the end of the 19th century, managing to have dozens of factories where dynamite was built.



01 Dec 2023




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