on the wings of the eternal feminine – concerts by the association “vita e pace”

The title of the entire cycle of cultural meetings 2023 of the “Vita e Pace” cultural association is dedicated to the Eternal Feminine. We like to imagine the Eternal Feminine as a wind that incessantly blows and flutters over humanity carrying life, pollen, aromatic substances, dispersing or regrouping, sometimes even in dramatic ways, hovering to compose and shape, inspire and renew languages ​​and contents. Art, carried by the “Muses” has always had this mission; it corrects and modifies aberrations, renews itself and finds new life in the education of the new generations and in the infinite and wise self-education of the adult world. The music marks and follows its boundaries, it swells up to “dictating fashion”, and then “goes out of fashion”. The project, whose theme is the feminine and water, consists in the realization of eleven concerts to reflect on these two key elements of Life.

Avigliana, with its two lakes and the Dora, was once also points around which people gathered to draw water “Umile et Preziosa et Casta” as San Francesco called it. The area of ​​Santa Maria also had its own well which can still be seen today, sheltered by a grate, along the access lane to the monument. Since time immemorial, aquifers and underground resurgences have symbolized the maternal womb, the origin of Life. Pre-Christian peoples went to those places to venerate the primordial goddesses of fertility. However, with the advent of Christianity, the sacredness of water was preserved: baptismal sites and churches, often dedicated to the Madonna, were built near wells and sometimes above them. Water remains an element also present in the Christian celebrations of Holy Mass, Baptism, Benediction, etc. Thus it was decided to reserve all the activities of the “Avigliana … Insieme 2023” season to the theme of water in its Marian and feminine aspect. The theme proposed to the artists consulted was much appreciated and numerous contributions arrived for a rich season dedicated to women and water.

One of the many victims of the “expensive bills” was and still is the heating of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in the old town of Avigliana! The Life and Peace Cultural Center, in order not to burden the reduced accounts, has temporarily suspended the gas supply contract. The management has tried to concentrate most of the activities in the hot season but in order not to distort the entire project dedicated to women and water, has wanted to leave the two stages of 8 March and 8 December which, like pillars, delimit the entire cultural activity 2023. The public will therefore have to access the two shows well equipped against the cold, with suitable clothing. This year’s “Avigliana… Insieme” season is entirely dedicated to Annamaria Ottoboni; we like to think that this generous act continues the line of patronage that an illustrious predecessor, Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni undertook in the 18th century, in support and in favor of emerging musicians and artists of the time.

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08 Mar 2023


18:30 - 20:30


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