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Minions 2 – new appointments at the cinema

The new Aviglianese film season starts with a fun weekend with a film for young and old: Minions 2

The film delves into the origins of Felonius Gru and how he became very bad, setting the story in the heart of the 70s. Twelve-year-old Gru grows up in the suburbs of the city, nurturing a great passion for the Vicious 6, or the Malefic 6, a group of super villains. The young man aspires to become one of them, so when one of the leaders of the evil group is fired, Gru shows up for interviews to replace him. Unfortunately, however, the selections do not go as he hopes, the Malefic 6 consider him only a child and initially they are not at all impressed by him. But determined to become a true supervillain, Gru enacts an evil plan and steals a stone from the Evil 6, who immediately go after him to recover the artifact. As an aspiring member of the evil group, the 12-year-old becomes their enemy number 1 and, in an attempt to distract his opponents by escaping, entrusts a Minion with the stone. But what happens when the careless Minion accidentally loses the coveted stone?

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10 Sep 2022


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