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Jeff Koons, a private portrait – appointment with art in the cinema

A docu- film dedicated to what is considered one of the most influential, popular and controversial artists of recent decades. Throughout his career, Koons has pioneered new approaches to the readymade, tested the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture, challenged the limits of industrial manufacturing, and transformed artists’ relationships with the cult of celebrity and the global marketplace. And he has managed to elevate kitsch and pop to masterpieces like few visionary artists in recent history. Now the intimate portrait of this polarizing character comes to the cinema to tell the hidden dynamics behind the person, the artist and the Koons brand. Spanning decades from America to Europe and Qatar, the film will be a unique opportunity to understand the man who took mass-produced everyday objects and transformed them into the highest form of art, elevating their status from ordinary to sublime.

On-site ticket office (full 10 euros, reduced 8)

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24 Oct 2023




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