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in the white – art exhibition

Nel bianco – an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, watercolors and installations curated by the “Arte per Voi” Gallery in Piazza Conte Rosso 3, Avigliana.

“White is often considered a non-colour, especially by the Impressionists who see “no white in nature”, it is almost the symbol of a world in which all colours, as principles and physical substances, have disappeared. The world of white it is a place of immense silence which, translated into a physical image, appears impassable, indestructible, infinite. If we observe nature and above all a snowfall, we realize that inevitably and in an absolutely unconscious way, we realize that we have been invaded by a state. of grace and serenity. Why? The white snowflakes falling from the sky gently land on the ground, stimulating human emotions and even those of animals, and inspiring the innate sense of wonder in each of us cognitive process that recalls emotions and memories of childhood, making us feel happy, while the deepest substrata of ourselves extract from the past the innocence of the enchantment that we experience as children. Snow is also associated with play and the more playful aspect of life. It reconciles us with nature and often conveys the almost genetic impression of belonging to an eco-system, while we are amazed by the beauty of the whiteness of a whitened landscape; this is also thanks to its physical property of muffling and absorbing sounds. This is why white strikes us as a great silence that seems absolute to us. White is the youth of nothingness, or rather a nothingness before the origin, before birth. Perhaps the earth resonated like this, in the white times of the ice age…”

Opening: Saturday 18 May at 4pm

The exhibition will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 3.30pm – 7.30pm until Sunday 23 June

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01 Jun 2024



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