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il caso josette – special movie at the cinema

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The Josette Case – the film takes place in France in 1640. A lawyer with a very bad reputation finds himself faced with a very particular case. One day a young woman comes to him and begs him to defend Roxanne. Roxanne is eleven years old and is accused of killing a marshal of France. Maitre Pompignac accepts but when he discovers that Roxanne is actually a goat he is dumbfounded. His career is one of lost causes, of clients who have always met a bad end, but a goat had never happened to him (in that era, in fact, even animals, like people, could be subjected to trial and convicted). And so, having overcome the initial amazement and perplexity, Maitre Pompignac decides to proceed with the case. And this time he has every intention of winning, lest it be said that he is incapable of defending even a goat!

Thursday 16 May at 6.30pm and 9.15pm

Monday 20 May 4.00pm – 6.30pm and 9.15pm

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16 May 2024




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