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Avatar 2 – the water way: the story is set several years after the events seen in the first Avatar. We will find the two protagonists Jake Sully and Neytiri still together and with children in tow, ready to explore the boundless world of Pandora and to face new conflicts with humanity. The couple will also have to deal with marital problems related to the education of their children. It is the story of the Sully family, but also of a people who will have to face various dangers, new battles and tragedies to understand how far they are willing to go to keep themselves safe and survive.

Thursday 29 December: 8.15pm

Friday 30 December: 8.15pm

Saturday 31 December: 5.30pm

Sunday 1 January: 5.45 pm

Monday 2 January: 8.15pm

The big day: the film tells the story of a long friendship, which is challenged during a wedding. In a large villa, preparations are underway for the wedding of Elio and Caterina, ready to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives and also that of their parents, especially their fathers Giovanni and Giacomo. At the party, however, Aldo, the woman’s new partner, also shows up in the company of Margherita, Giovanni’s ex-wife. A sympathetic and expansive man, but above all messy, who ends up hitting the celebration like a real tornado with various gaffes and very expensive accidents. Although Giovanni and Giacomo try in every way to contain the chaos created by Aldo, the latter ends up being just a miserable drop that overflows an already full vase. This is how a hitherto hidden malaise comes to the surface, which threatens to screw up not only the historical friendship between Giacomo and Giovanni, but the marriage itself.

Friday 30 December: 6.15pm

Saturday 31 December: 9.15pm

Three too many: the film tells the story of Marco and Giulia, a couple who spend their lives in a perfect way. For them, married life can be lived in two ways: in Hell with pestiferous children who make parents’ lives a nightmare, or in Heaven, where childless couples can enjoy their days in peace, in order and without screams or I whined. They have chosen to be in Heaven and are firmly convinced of it. But fate has other plans in store for the couple: for no reason, one morning the two wake up to the house invaded by three children aged 10, 9 and 6. Being the mother and father of three children will greatly upset their lives and all their certainties. Marco and Giulia have to find a way to get rid of the three children and return to their peaceful and carefree life, but how?

Sunday 1 January: 4.00pm and 9.15pm

Monday 2 January: 6.30pm

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29 Dec 2022


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