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Goya’s shadow – art at the cinema

Every year, the Cinema Fassino in Avigliana, in collaboration with Nexo Digital, offers a cycle of meetings entitled “Art and Works Cinema”. Through these appointments it is possible to admire art in all its many forms and facets: from theater to dance, from painting to exhibitions in the most beautiful museums in the world. With “Arte e Opere Cinema” you have the opportunity to learn about the lives of the great artists who made history; you can see the exhibitions that are being held on the other side of the world while sitting comfortably on the armchair of the cinema sofa; you can admire the dance and theater performances that have been blockbusters up close. Every appointment a surprise, every encounter a marvel!

The appointment on 7 March is with Goya’s shadow: “We walked in the places where Goya lived and painted. Jean-Claude Carrière shared his thoughts on what these spaces, these works and the atmosphere that reigned in these places gradually inspired him. His knowledge of the subject was encyclopaedic and his reflections lively (…). As a director, I act like a sensitive archaeologist, a passerby who proposes ideas, emotions hidden behind every discovery. I like to think that I also make films for the dead, for my parents and my friends, for Chesterton and Miguel de Cervantes, for my great-grandfather Alfredo who fought and died in Cienfuegos, for Goya of course and for Jean-Claude Carrière. I hope from where he is now, he will like this movie. I wanted the viewer to perceive as faithfully as possible what Goya’s deafness changed in his life and in his art (…). Our approach was to try and dig a hole in Goya’s Black Paintings to see what was behind it.”

Shows at 6.30pm and 9.15pm

On-site ticket office (full price 10 euro, reduced price 8 euro)

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07 Mar 2023




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