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Extraordinary animals – a journey through myths and fairy tales

Extraordinary: from the latin extraordinarius… extra “outside” and ordo-dinis “order”. My dog ​​is extraordinary, but so is my friend Donatella’s cat and so was the old elephant that in Africa I saw absorbed listening to the words of our guide.

Singular, exceptional, stunning, unusual, surprising animals have always populated our world and just as many, over the millennia, have been created by the fervent imagination of men: some frightening and evil, others magical and benevolent, others still endowed with superhuman powers. These and others can be found in this exhibition which tells fantastic stories in a fascinating and skilful way. I believe that the various artists present have found delight in choosing and representing their creatures. Some, perhaps, with a hint of regret for not having been able to give yet others to visitors. Magic dragons and roosters, mermaids and sea monsters, fantastic birds and goblins, messengers of the gods and many others await a large audience, which we just have to wish you a good trip. Giuliana Cusino

The exhibition can be visited until Sunday 10 April, every Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 7 pm, at the Church of Santa Croce, piazza Conte Rosso


12 Feb 2022


15:00 - 19:00


Santa Croce Church
Piazza Conte Rosso


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