Due Laghi jazz festival – 31° edition

The Due laghi jazz festival, an event with the patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Avigliana, reaches the milestone of the 31st edition inaugurating the new decade of challenges faithful to its successful formula, with the presentation of rising stars, young talents and consolidated careers of the international jazz panorama.

This year’s edition, entitled Pianissimo!, will be mainly dedicated to the piano in Italian and international jazz. The focus on the piano will open on July 17th in Condove, with the presentation of a new jazz star, Francesca Tandoi. In Avigliana the main stage of the festival will host, from 18 to 20 July, a group of great pianists and friends, including Luigi Bonafede, Antonio Faraò, and the Canadian Yves Leveillé. The night-time jam sessions will be opened by as many Italian piano stars as Fabio Gorlier, Roberto Tarenzi and Sergio Di Gennaro.
As an absolute novelty of the postponement of this edition, on July 26th in Almese, the festival will move for the first time to the UNESCO site of the Roman Villa, with the quartet of the New York saxophonist Harry Allen, considered by international critics to be the “Frank Sinatra of sax”.

On July 27th we will have another novelty: the churchyard of the church of Sant’Ambrogio in Turin, the municipality of the Valsusino jazz district which takes over from Rubiana, will host from Philadelphia the American quartet of one of the greatest vocalists on the international jazz scene, Denise King.
At the end of the event – in collaboration with the Turin jazz festival Piemonte, the Piemonte jazz consortium and the Piemonte live foundation -, the Magnetto Theater in Almese will present the show “Storyboard”, by Gwen Cahue and Baptiste Bailly.


Wednesday 17 July at 9pm
Condove, Martyrs of Freedom square
Francesca Tandoi Piano solo
Francesca Tandoi (ITA) – piano, voice.

Thursday 18 July at 9pm
Avigliana Piazza Conte Rosso
Luigi Bonafede “Tynerly” Quartet
Luigi Bonafede (ITA) – piano/lead
Cecile Delzant (FRA) – violin
Marco Micheli (ITA) – double bass
Alex Cristilli (ITA) – drums
Followed by, at 11.30pm, “Pianissimo!” jam session in the Giardino delle Donne in Piazza Conte Rosso with Fabio Gorlier trio (Fabio Gorlier – piano, Marco Piccirillo – double bass, Gaetano Fasano – drums).
Bailly – “Storyboard”
Gwen Cahue (FRA) – guitar Baptiste Bailly (FRA) – piano

Friday 19 July at 9pm
Avigliana Piazza Conte Rosso
Quebec – Piedmont Overseas Connection: Yves Léveillé Trio meets Fulvio Albano
Yves Léveillé (CAN) – piano
Alain Bédard (CAN) – double bass Adam Pache (CAN) – drums
feat. Fulvio Albano (ITA) – tenor and soprano sax
Followed, at 11.30 pm, “Pianissimo!” jam session in the Giardino delle Donne in Piazza Conte Rosso with Roberto Tarenzi trio (Roberto Tarenzi – piano, Marco Piccirillo – double bass, Ruben Bellavia – drums).

Saturday 20 July at 9pm
Avigliana Piazza Conte Rosso
Antonio Faraò Trio
Antonio Faraò (ITA) – piano
Carlo Bavetta (ITA) – double bass
Pasquale Fiore (ITA) – drums
Followed, at 11.30 pm, “Pianissimo!” jam session in the Giardino delle Donne in Piazza Conte Rosso with Sergio Di Gennaro trio (Sergio Di Gennaro – piano, Marco Piccirillo – double bass, Samuele Cavallone – drums).

Friday 26 July at 9pm
Almese Ancient Roman Villa
Harry Hallen Quartet
Harry Allen (USA) – tenor sax
Andrea Pozza (ITA) – piano
Aldo Zunino (ITA) – double bass
Bernd Reiter (FRA) – drums.

Saturday 27 July at 9pm
Sant’Ambrogio di Torino – churchyard, Piazza San Giovanni Vincenzo
Denise King Quartet
Denise King (USA) – vocals
Luke O’Reilly (USA) – piano
Gerald Cannon (USA) – double bass
Elio Coppola (ITA) – drums
Original production Due Laghi Jazz Festival 31st anniversary.

Thursday 26 September at 9pm
Almese, Magnetto Theatre
Gwen Cahue, Baptiste – Bailly – “Storyboard”
Gwen Cahue (FRA) – guitar
Baptiste Bailly (FRA) – piano.

All shows have free entry with the exception of the concert on 26 September (single entry 10 euros)

In collaboration with Torino jazz festival Piedmont, Piedmont jazz consortium and Piedmont live foundation.

Per info:

Avigliana: 0119311873 – 3711619930


Sant’Ambrogio: 0119358923 – 3455102472

Condove: 0119643102 – 3496483719


26 Jul 2024



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