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conversations on the high seas

In dialogue with the anthropologist Piero Gorza, Marco Aime, Italian anthropologist and writer, professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Genova, will present his book “Conversations on the high seas” which he wrote together with Riccardo Gatti.

In the book Gatti, who has been involved in rescues at sea for years, tells, in dialogue with Marco Aime, about the job of saving. Thus, in these conversations conducted in the field, or in navigation in the central Mediterranean, an anarchist captain and an anthropologist who deals with migrations try to analyze the complexity of rescues at sea and their implications, human but not only. The cultural climate and the narrative that has arisen around the rescues are the setting for the stories.

A live story that helps us understand why in a short time those who were called “angels of the sea” suddenly became “human traffickers”. Against the prevailing rhetoric, coarse on the one hand and simplistic on the other, and above all against the indifference of most, these reflections let us get to the heart of one of the most significant phenomena of the last twenty years.

In collaboration with the Library System of the Susa Valley and with the municipalities involved, the Valsusa Filmfest association has launched a new initiative dedicated to literature, proposing meetings with authors and book presentations in the period between February 20 and March 19 2022 in different cities of the Susa Valley. The books presented range from social and environmental essays to pure and simple fiction.


05 Mar 2022




Public Libray Primo Levi
Viale IV Novembre




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