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The Avigliana weekend… also at the cinema! Here’s what you’ll find on January 27th and 28th

Pare parecchio Parigi: the film tells how some brothers decide to fulfill the wish of their elderly and ill father, namely to take a trip to Paris. The three brothers, however, have not had contact with each other for five years, but for the sake of their parent they will pretend to leave Florence for Paris aboard a camper, never leaving the confines of a horse stable. The reason for this farce is because the three have been forbidden by the facility where he is being treated from taking their father too far away. This adventure, despite not taking place so far from the hospital, will prove to be a paradoxical opportunity to re-establish relationships between the three brothers and try to reconcile with their father. Thanks to their imagination they will travel for miles and if they can’t go to Paris, Paris can go to them!

Saturday 27 January at 6.30pm and 9.15pm

Sunday 28 January at 6.15pm and 8.30pm


Paw Patrol, the superfilm: the Search & Rescue dogs, as always led by Ryder, receive superpowers after the fall of a mysterious meteorite on Adventure City, thus becoming Super Puppies. They can lift gigantic weights and shoot fireballs from their legs. Skye, the youngest, acquires the superpower to grant dreams. Now they are ready to face their sworn enemy, Mayor Humdinger, who escapes from prison and teams up with a mad and evil scientist, Victoria Vance. The woman and the evil mayor want to take possession of the meteorite’s powers to become Super Villains. When they succeed, the pups join forces to fight them and save the city. Little Skye will make the difference…

Sunday 28 January at 4.30pm

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27 Jan 2024


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