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cinema in verticale 2024

Cinema in Verticale is a review of cinema, culture and mountain sports which offers preview events of the Valsusa Filmfest, a historic community film and cultural festival whose 28th edition will take place in the months of March and April in various municipalities in the lower and upper Susa Valley. Between 2 February and 21 March 2024 the event offers 7 free entry events in Avigliana, Bussoleno, Condove, San Giorio di Susa and Giaveno with meetings, films and documentaries in the company of authors, protagonists and experts. At each event there are guests-authors and protagonists of the images presented, mountaineers, mountain guides, writers, journalists, experts and enthusiasts – to debate and update the themes.

In the first meeting, scheduled for Friday 2 February at 8.45pm at the Fassino Theater in Avigliana, Oliviero Gobbi and Linda Cottino present “Toni’s trace, from citizen to mountain guide”, a 2023 film directed by Antonio Bocola and produced by Grivel Srl, a leading company in the production of mountaineering equipment of which Oliviero Gobbi is the CEO. An event in which the life of the mountaineer Toni Gobbi is told through the eyes of his nephew Oliviero.
The film, full of images of the time and interventions by protagonists of the time, tells the story of a character who left his mark by revolutionizing the figure of the mountain guide, transforming him from a mere companion to an educator and trainer of those who entrusted him. Much more than the portrait of a mountain guide or a worthy mountaineer, the film is a space-time journey into the world of the immediate post-war period, with the subsequent economic boom, until the fateful March 1970, when the inscrutable happened: Sassopiatto, an avalanche took the “master” away, together with three other people. At the time his death aroused great emotion and mountaineers from all over Europe flocked to the funeral in Courmayeur. Yet his memory over time seemed to dissolve, vanished, until his nephew Oliviero decided to produce this film.



02 Feb 2024




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