book presentation “guarigioni d’amore”

Presentation of the book “Healings of love” (a true story between Parkinson’s and depression), at the council chamber of the Municipality of Avigliana, Piazza Conte Rosso 8, 8.45 pm


Rossella Morra – sports and wellbeing councilor of the City of Avigliana

Gianni Zullo – creator and coach ETP (Educational Tennis for Parkinson)

Beppe Gavazza – head of the TAM (Mountain Environment Protection) CAI UGET group in Turin

Marina Portigliatti – proofreader who followed the genesis of the text

Roberta Selvo – witness of the meeting with the authors:

Lodovico Marchisio – “mountain therapy as a temporary cure for Parkinson’s”

Roberta Maffiodo – “depression can be overcome”, the song “Le mie valli” and recitation of the poem “Friendship” by Mauro Carlesso (member of GISM – Italian Mountain Writers Group).

Coordinator and moderator Arnaldo Reviglio


13 Jun 2024


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