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Material culture

AVI – MAP: public discussion on the results of collaborative mapping

In the last weeks weeks many people in Avigliana have discovered and experienced a little of the AVI-MAP Collaborative Mapping project, one of the activities of the Civic Activation Laboratories of Casa Inneschi! This is thanks to the survey questionnaire on important and significant places for the people who live in Avigliana and live close to the city.

Thank you very much to everyone because so many answers have arrived, and really many ideas on favorite, lively, problematic places, characteristic of Avigliana. The narrative lexicon is also abundant and imaginative! Do you want to find out if Avigliana was a character, what would it be? Or what color, or what food?

Then we are waiting for you on Sunday 04 July, at 18:00 under the Alveare Verde canopy, you will find us with a small refreshment to discuss together the results and all the special and important places that you have reported.


04 Jul 2021




Alveare Verde Park
Corso Laghi , 100- Avigliana




Casa inneschi
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