Animals and climate crisis at the Certosa 1515

Animals that migrate, like humans, for environmental reasons. Animals that return to inhabit territories that often have their names in toponymy. Animals that live in the family and are part of it. Animals that we disturb, invading uncontaminated territories, yesterday as today, creating imbalances and often dangerous consequences, such as diseases, pandemics. Bred animals (many, so much so as to be one of the main causes of the rise in temperature) and often mistreated. Animals we love and fear. Rights-bearing animals. Animals that help us, in work and in life. Animals that awaken fears and positive emotions in us. This and much more will be discussed during the Common Home course held at Certosa1515 on November 19 and 20 with participation both online and in person. Recipients: people from all backgrounds interested in investigating issues relating to the social and environmental imbalances of our time, with animals and our relationship with them as a common thread.

For more information on the course visit the link:

or tel: +39 011 3841049 – cell: +39 342.3850062, monday – friday (h 9-16).


19 Nov 2022


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